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Create videos and Gifs with unlimited prints PLUS share it in social media, instagram, facebook and more! 

SuperStarPix West Hills

For your forthcoming event, our photo booth service is here for you! is based in the San Fernando Valley and services the surrounding Los Angeles area! 

hosted by qualified and experienced photographers. We’ll make sure your visitors love our photography, and they’ll be able to keep the prints as souvenirs and digital photographs for years to come!

Since 2018, we’ve served locations in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Palm Springs, Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley, South Bay, and counting!

Servicing photo booth to our local LA and San Fernando Valley Clients!

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We host weddings, house parties, corporate gatherings, and more!

step 1 - call photbooth at 818 869 4613

Step 1

Call us at ‪(818) 869-4613‬ or virtually enter your event date by Clicking Here

step 2: plan specifics such as event type, event size, backdrop type, event theme, number of party participants and more

Step 2


We’ll assist you in deciding on a theme and printing style for your party!
Please tell us about your event and who it is aimed at.
Is it a bar mitzvah or a birthday celebration?

final step, step 3 of the client process

Step 3

We’ll be on hand to help and encourage guests to take pictures!
Payment is to be made after we complete your event. is a proud host to events at the DiscoveryCube Los Angeles,San Fernando Valley Chamber of Commerce and more!

Past clients and associations of photobooth include DiscoveryCube Los Angeles, Imperial Palace and more

SuperStarPix News and Recent Events

We love making the most of the events when we rent our photobooths! See the most recent photo booth event updates from Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, West Los Angeles, the South Bay, Santa Clarita, San Bernardino, and Palm Springs!

Superstarpix photobooth is unlike any other photobooth!


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What your 2nd choice may only have…


❌ An attendant who isn’t adequately trained on photography dynamics. In addition to operating their corp-purchased photobooth. They may not fully embrace their position, and to them, it is only a dayjob


❌ Large photobooth companies have a tight monopoly. For them, an event is just a number and they suffer from a lack of quality


❌ It’s a contentious issue, but most photobooth companies may not care if their booth attendant is sick or follows the Covid guidelines


❌ Majority of photobooth companies have bought their equipments from a photobooth supplier. These devices are one-sided and generate quality comparable to that of an iPad. In fact, an iPad is used by the majority’s entry level photobooth offer. Clients are then overcharged, a regular person can just buy an iPad and turn it into a mini photobooth. More on this on our blog section


❌ A lot of photobooth companies don’t invest in photography equipment. An event with SuperStarPix Photo Booth is affordable without sacrificing quality


❌ Many horror stories exist about photobooth companies not understanding what to do when an event does not follow their standard set-up. As a result, photos with poor lighting and shots that exaggerate unflattering results for guests are produced


❌ The majority of photobooth attendants will not go out of their way to find and ask party participants for photographs. Career photographers, not just photo attendants, staff the SuperStarPix picture booth


❌ Many photobooth companies are more concerned with the best price they can get than with the theme or type of event that their clients are hosting. SuperStarPix photobooth have experienced career photographers who have gone through all types of events

What will bring!

✅ Trained photographers who are passionate about producing a fun & memorable event, we are actually open to assisting guests to get the greatest shot, but can we make nana look younger? We’ve got the equipment to absolutely give it our best! Meet our photographers by clicking here


✅ We are not a corporate-focused company because we pride ourselves on being local and personable. However, we have hosted large and small events, from individual house parties to grand corporate meetings. We want to be as thorough as possible! View our most asked questions (with answers) by clicking here


✅ We are the only photo booth that adheres to Covid guidelines. Before each event, our hosts are tested. Our hosts are also vaccinated. And we make every effort to create a safe and enjoyable picture environment


We use professional-grade photography equipment at SuperStarPix because we are dedicated to delivering the best photo quality. If you doubt us, compare our photos!


✅ On a tight budget? How about some affordable pricing? Contact us and we’ll work with you


✅ Open-air Photography. Our open-air setup is unique and adaptable to a variety of circumstances. We can’t stop the rain, but we can certainly customize our booth to meet any setting


✅ SuperStarPix photo booth will keep your guests entertained as they compete for the best and most imaginative way to take a photograph using our various provided props 


✅ Got a Quinceanera? Let us know! We’ll also tag along with music for guests to get their merengue and cumbia fix


✅ Bat Mitzvah, Bar Mitzvah, Shabbat? Our photobooth has provided happiness and memorable experiences with guests at every event!

📌 We’ll call you instead when you leave your event date here!  

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