Meet our Photographers

Meet the staff!

anna k profile photo
Anna K.

Anna works for SuperStarPix photobooth and has a lifelong love of photography and event planning. She is in charge of SuperStarPix’s blogs and social media. She holds a teaching certificate and fosters cats, her main hobbies are indoors rock climbing, dancing and writing. She is awesome. Also, Anna did not write this, it’s the narrator who did.

richard profile photo
Richard P.

While learning the subtleties of the culinary profession, Rick discovered a passion for photography. He enjoys photographing cuisine and has discovered a passion for modeling as a result of this. He’s also SuperStarPix’s muscle, and he likes to bring the big stuff first, then the lighter stuff last. An avid athlete, he won’t mind teaching guests how to properly do push-ups too! A trilingual, he also leads Spanish-speaking events.

image of squeeky d. the dog mascot
Squeeky D.

Lord knows how he got his name. It’s said that it’s because he emits a sound effect similar to that of a squeaky door but only when hungry or wanting some pets. Squeeky D. oversees client organization and calendaring. He may sit on a client’s lap if necessary. He is also quite popular in social media and has amassed a good number of followers on Instagram, Tiktok and more!

profile photo of anthony b. a superstarpix photographer
Anthony B.

Anthony is a huge fan of hosting events. For photography, he prefers to use acceptable levels. He has model photography experience and has been taught and accredited in the field. He’s also a talented creative that can help you with the theme of your event.

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