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SuperStarPix Photo Booth for sleepy cities!

We are now serving our photo booth services to the neighborhood of Northridge and Granada Hills!

For the majority of Los Angelenos, Granada Hills is considered to be relatively suburban and possibly even dull. Yet, it’s recognized as a very loving and safe community. Although the neighborhood adjacent to it: Porter Ranch, which has experienced industrial mishaps and has had a natural gas storage facility leak for years, both of these mini cities are generally safe and lovely. When it comes to providing our “photo booths” in these areas, it is frequently quite accessible as the neighborhood in both Granada Hills and Porter Ranch are frequently calm and parking is free. The 118 Freeway is also relatively accessible to it and so our photographers are able to get in the area in relative ease!

Granada Hills and Porter Ranch often hire our photo booth service for private parties!
This is an example of a photo booth and guests participating in it

Now we won’t leave out Northridge either! As a result of having CSUN, Northridge is a quite niche college town and frequently contains the finer areas of the San Fernando Valley. Now, (knock on wood) because Northridge, California, was also the 1994’s earthquake’s epicenter! Yet, as you’ll probably anticipate, this does not deter our photographers from servicing our photo booth in this community. And we’ve serviced our photo booths on many parties. The events in these three communities (Porter Ranch, Granada Hills, and Northridge) are similar in that we frequently book private parties with the majority of them being sweet 16’s, birthday 21st, and college events! We have lost count of the number of fantastic and amazing Sweet 16s, 21st birthday parties, and college parties we have serviced our “photo booth” in throughout the years! And it’s continually growing!

That’s going to do it for us for now, and thank you so much for always going to this little section of our website to read about what we do!

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