SuperStarPix PhotoBooth Rental Service for you! Top 3 tips before renting


If you’re thinking about renting a photo booth service here are quick 3 tips for you!


Tip number# 1 – Make sure you know what type of print you’re about to commit to

For photo booths, on-site printing is usually already included in their packages. But it’s also important to take a note of what type of prints you would like to commit to. The typical prints are on a 4×6 media, and these can also be cut in half.


Tip number# 2 – Make sure you provide details for your props!

With SuperStarPix, we also cater to themed events. So, if it’s a themed party, let the photo booth photographer know what types of prints they need to bring! This includes Christmas themed props or Halloween’s themed props


Tip number# 3 – Provide a space for the photo booth!

A good amount of space will make things easier as guests will need to fall in line and take photos. A good amount of lighting is also a great addition to have as photos will usually need better lighting!


That’s all for now. If you’re reading this, then hey and hi! And hello!!! Feel free to enter your event details on the Quote Request part of this page, do it, our photobooth party mascot pup is pretty lonely out here! ๐Ÿถ Photo Booth covering Los Angeles

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