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Want to “save money” by doing your own photo booth?

A very brief entry on creating your own photo booth for your event!


If it’s just a very casual, indoors, private party. You can do well with just a light fixture (a tripod with a circular light) and you can just mount an iPad or have guests mount theirs.

Also, don’t forget your photo booth backdrop! You can order them from eBay or Amazon. All in all, with the iPad, tripod + light, and backdrop, this would be about $120.00 Don’t forget, you also need the mount or tripods for your backdrop!

Ipad Photo Booths are simple to put up!
An example of a standalone iPad photo booth

But then, what if your event has about 50+ guests?? Well, diving deep into photography a bit here, but before learning how to run a full photo booth, you must understand how photography works in general! Lighting is important, as well as determining the white balance and overall setting for your type of photography. It can be simple enough by using Auto Program but know that using DSLRs (mechanical or just digital) will need a little bit of practice! But today, operating a camera is really easy. A DSLR camera like the Canon EOS is a wonderful place to start; most booths use DSLRs. A good camera such as the Canon EOS may cost around $150-$200!

Photo booth print example
Photo booth printing on-site is a great addition to any photo booth service!

Next is choosing your printer, our most recommended choice for a printer is the DNP DS-RX1HS simply because of it’s reliability and durability! This one is a unit and can print your photos in under 10 seconds! Plus the print material is always top quality. You also will need Print Media and at least a Laptop to power up your photo booth if you want printing on site! Then you’ll need a photo booth program!

We at SuperStarPix have attended a variety of occasions, including weddings, private parties, baby showers, and church meetings (weirdly enough, the Agoura Hills area is a big fan of our photo booth service!) Thus, the experience always translates into smooth photobooth service operations! Hence, try not to be too hard on yourself if you find yourself confused or frustrated. Putting together a photo booth is a huge task! To accomplish it, you must perform countless settings and operations, so just go step by step! At the end of the day, as long as you can take photos, then that is good enough!

But for the time being, this will do! Keep an eye out and save our page for future SuperStarPix photo booth announcements!

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